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Tomato, Olive & Anchovy Pasta Sauce

Tomato, Olive & Anchovy Pasta Sauce (Dairy Free)

  • This is a really flavoursome pasta sauce, great to stock in the cupboard for a quick meal and in emergencies! The small amount of olives and anchovies give it a ‘grown-up’ taste, without being too strong!
  • Please note – this recipe contains anchovies and is therefore unsuitable for those with fish allergies.

Quick meal suggestion:

  • Stir into cooked pasta, add veg and heat through, add a spoonful of pasta water if required.
  • Or, mix through leftover cooked pasta and microwave until piping hot for the quickest of meals!
  • One jar contains 30g, which is about two teaspoonfuls and enough for 1-2 servings, depending on use and if additional tomatoes/water are added.