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Creamy fish pie with crispy topping, with BabyLed Spreads

After a long day at Gulliver’s World in Warrington, I needed something I could fill Baby Button with that wouldn’t be too hard to put together after a long day. The answer? Fish pie. Fish pie is one of my favourite things to cook, but I can’t go all out with this pie like I would usually – this would be a simple yet tasty baby version.

For the mashed potato topping:
• three medium potatoes
• half a teaspoon of butter
For the fish pie filling:
• two fillets of white fish
• three teaspoons of sweet corn
• half a courgette
• one teaspoon of Green Pea, Rocket & Dill BabyLed Spread
• one teaspoon of soft cheese
• one teaspoon of Greek Yoghurt

If you’ve read my previous posts, you probably see some familiar ingredients. I tend to try use up what’s my fridge before shopping again, and it’s worked really well for this recipe.

I began as preparing during breakfast, peeling and chopping the potato before popping them into boiling water. At the same time, I used my steamer to boil some white fish, and steam some sweet corn and courgette. The corn and courgette are leftovers from a good old trudge around the supermarkets picking up vegetables that were on offer, so I definitely wanted to use them up.

Once the fish had whitened and the vegetables had softened, I left them to drain while I did some chores. Once the potatoes were done I mashed them with some butter before getting an oven proof dish ready to assemble the pie.

Mixing the yoghurt, the BabyLed Spread and the soft cheese together to create a sauce, I added the fish and vegetables before mixing together well. Adding it into the oven proof dish, I topped with the potato before using a fork to create some decoration on the lid and even out the potato topping – before popping it in the oven at 120C until the potato was golden brown and deliciously crispy on top.