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BabyLed Bloggers

Meet our BabyLed Bloggers!

Over the next coming months we will be following the weaning journeys of 3 mums. Discovering there triumphs and top tips which they have learnt during their weaning journey. Meet them below and make sure to follow their journey on our Facebook and Instagram.

Lucy Clarke – Real Parent

Lucy is a mum of 3 keeping it real. She shares tips, rants and lols as she wings it through parenthood one step at a time. Lucy is a Blogger in the UK who helps parents to feel more normal by sharing the reality of parenting. On Real Parent you’ll find real, authentic talk about post natal mental health, allergies, pregnancy, breastfeeding and lots more. Lucy’s posts may make you cry or laugh, but mainly feel like you’re not alone. http://www.realparent.co.uk

Lyndsay Gardner – Fizzy Peaches

Hello! I’m Lyndsay - I’m a Mum, blogger and serial coffee drinker! I live in a little seaside house just outside of Brighton with my other half. We have two daughters Violet, who has just turned two and Pearl, who is six months. We also have a naughty black lab Robbie. I write Fizzy Peaches Blog and write and create videos for other parenting sites too. This is my second experience of weaning and it still feels as exciting and daunting as it did the first time! I'm looking forward to sharing our experience with you! You can find my blog here and my Instagram here. https://www.fizzypeaches.com http://www.instagram.com/fizzypeaches

Alex Gale

I'm Alex, mummy to my gorgeous little 7 month old, Henry. We are excited to start making a proper effort with weaning. I find BLW scary and confusing at times, I wouldn't give him small beads to play with but I can give him a chunk of food to gum at?! My nerves do get the better of me sometimes, but I soldier on. It's a learning curve for us both, I have zero experience, so have been winging it from the start. I'm looking forward to the part when he will stop trying to eat the plate and picking up food to throw on the floor. Join us @littlehenrybear on our weaning journey with @babyledfood_