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What Is The Difference Between Stage 1 and Stage 2 Spreads?

At Babyled Food we are proud to offer an exciting range of healthy weaning solutions for parents looking to help their child progress to the next stages of mealtime. We have 2 main product ranges that are designed to wean your child onto solid food effectively. First of all, there is our stage 1 spreads, made for babies aged 6 months and older. Then there is our Stage 2 Spreads, ideal for children aged 12 months and older. In this blog we are going to talk about the main differences between these 2 ranges.


Stage 1

Our Stage 1 Spreads are designed for your little one’s first experience with weaning. These spreads provide your child with a tasty yet subtle introduction to a variety of tastes and textures, starting their weaning journey off the right way. We offer both savoury and sweet spreads that go amazing with a range of food options, whether you want to mix them with a mealtime staple such as potato or pasta or introduce them into recipes for a delicious twist. Plus, our range of spreads contain no added salt or nasty preservatives and are packed with healthy fruit and veggies.

To find out more about our Stage 1 Sweet Spreads read our previous blog at www.babyledfood.co.uk/blogs/news/stage-1-sweet-spreads-too-tasty-to-resist

Stage 2

Our Stage 2 Beyond BabyLed Cooking Pastes & Sauces are a great option for when weaning is established and your little one is fully capable of chewing solid food. These spreads offer your child something with a bit more flavour to enjoy and explore. Our Stage 2 range is aimed at 12 months and beyond and is still packed with our trademark veggies. These more flavourful pastes and sauces are perfect to suit the more mature pallet of your toddler and still offer the same rage of recipe options to get creative in the kitchen!


If you are interested in helping your child take their next steps in their weaning journey, be sure to check out our range of products on offer at www.babyledfood.co.uk/pages/shop

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