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What Is Baby Led Weaning?

When it comes to babies, each one is totally unique… which is why it’s important to pick the right weaning style to suit your baby. In this blog we look at the ins and outs of baby-led weaning and tell you all you need to know!


Baby-led weaning is introducing your baby to solid food where they are encouraged to feed themselves instead of receiving food via a spoon. This approach is often considered a more relaxed method of weaning your baby, letting them take the first steps by themselves.


When looking at weaning your own child, the baby-led method should be introduced when they are around 5 months old, studies show this is the perfect age as they have more capability to act for themselves.


Baby-led weaning helps your child develop much quicker and of course means they can eat at the table like Mummy and Daddy! This method can also make your child avoid the fussy stage, helping them develop a higher taste appetite for various flavours and textures.


Some babies might refuse spoon feeding as they feel they are forced to take what is given to them, baby-led weaning is a great alternative as it does not put pressure on your baby as they are in full control of their own eating habits.


Here at BabyLed Spreads we offer a wide range of healthy spreads to satisfy your baby through the weaning stages, encouraging them to explore new tastes and textures, liven up their mealtimes and let your baby lead the way!


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