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Happy Veganuary -

Let babyled make your veganuary that little bit less daunting.

Are you worried your child isnt getting the right nutrients? Are you struggling to find tasty vegan meals? Well, look no further, in true Veganuary spirit, we’ll be discussing how BabyLed can be your saving grace this january, as well as discussing all the health benefits and concerns you may have surrounding veganism- we promise it’s not as scary as you think!

Did you know that 17 of our delicious spreads and pastes are vegan? We understand that introducing veganism into a child’s diet is daunting for any parent, which is one of the reasons we started BabyLed in the first place. We wanted to ensure that our range was super healthy and most importantly; super tasty! Each of our jars are sufficient for around 1-2 sandwich fillings or one complete meal, meaning you’ll be a vegan expert in no time!

Not only is veganism super healthy, it can also have some really important health benefits for you’re little ones. It is proven that a healthy vegan diet can: lower the risk of devloping obesity, lower the risk of high chlosteral, lower the risk of hyper-extension and reducde the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Not only this, your child will grow to be even stronger and healthier, which is music to any parent’s ears.

We believe that Veganuary is the perfect excuse to give us a try this month (as if you needed an even bigger excuse). We’re here to put the fun back into food, no parent should be scared of meal time after all!

For more information and our full range of vegan spreads, visit www.babyledfoods.co.uk

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