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Stage 1 Sweet Spreads: Too Tasty to Resist!

Stage 1 Sweet Spreads: Too Tasty to Resist!


When your little ones are taking their first steps into the world of food, finding extra enjoyable sweet weaning options can be difficult. That was the case for many of our customers, until they discovered our sweet spreads range. We offer a variety of products to provide a tasty sweet treat which is also healthy. Below we will talk about just some of the delicious options on offer. 


Yummy Strawberry

Lots of children enjoy strawberry jam on toast and crumpets, so why not introduce your baby or toddler to a similar taste with our Yummy Strawberry spread. This spread is a great gateway to an endless range of other strawberry possibilities such as drinks, smoothies, sweets and of course the fruit itself!

Tangy Blueberry

If you want to liven up your child’s taste buds, our Tangy Blueberry spread has a real kick to it! This will help your little one get used to tastes which are perhaps outside of their regular comfort zone. Before you know it, they could be enjoying foods from around the world. Blueberries also help with improving memory, mood and concentration in children so that’s yet another fantastic benefit!

Rhubarb & Fig

With our Rhubarb & Fig Recipe, children can benefit from the goodness of fruit and vegetables in one sitting! Rhubarb is a vegetable which has a really strong taste and is high in Vitamin C. Whilst Fig is a fruit, increasing this spread’s healthiness.


Each jar of our Sweet Spreads tends to be sufficient for about 1-2 sandwich fillings. They can be stored in the cupboard for up to 12 months, but once opened should be put in the fridge and used within 2 days. Each spread is also dairy free, meaning they are perfect for even more children aged 6 months and beyond.

For more information on our Sweet Spreads, visit www.babyledfood.co.uk/pages/stage-1-sweet-spreads

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