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Pre-made baby porridge – up to 43% less sugar with BabyLed Spreads

We recently undertook a review of the baby cereal market to see how much sugar an average serving of baby porridge can contain. The supermarket shelves have a number of brands catering to 6+ month olds and upwards, but there is concern that the pre-made options can contain two (if not more) full teaspoons of sugar per bowl!!

We believe that serving your child a bowl of natural, plain porridge (made with your usual milk, whole or breastmilk) plus half a teaspoonful of one of our sweet BabyLed Spread flavours to sweeten, will contain much less sugar than any of the leading pre-made brands.

To put this to the test and in the interest of keeping things fair, we assumed a standard portion of porridge in early weaning would contain 112g in total (porridge plus milk). All brands seem to suggest an ‘average’ serving is very different – very confusing and quite misleading if you’re just glancing at the figures! See below the sugar content of 112g of some of the brands we looked at:

  • Organix banana & plum porridge, 7+ months – 9.2g
  • Organix strawberry & banana porridge, 6+ months – 8.02g
  • Cow & Gate multigrain banana porridge – 8.96g

We were surprised to see quite how much the above products contain and must admit we have been guilty ourselves of feeding our little ones these brands pretty frequently . Some of the supermarket own brand labels are even cheeky enough not to even include the sugar content of the added milk, to give the impression their sugar content is lower than it actually is, which suggests something’s not right!!

By way of comparison, should a similar bowl of plain, unflavoured porridge be offered, here are the figures:

  • 90 ml whole milk – 4.23g sugar
  • 12g oats - <0.1g sugar

Each jar of sweet BabyLed Spreads can be used up to 3 times (you only really need a small dollop to mix through & sweeten) meaning a serving will add less than 1g of sugar on average, plus it’s not refined sugar, agave syrup is used to sweeten which is from a natural source.

Altogether, a bowl of natural porridge made with BabyLed Spreads can contain up to 43% less sugar than a bowlful of competitor product!! We were pleasantly surprised by this and feel that it proves ‘mixing your own’ plain porridge, yoghurt, baby rice etc with a touch of BabyLed sweetness is far better for your little one’s health!

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