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Hi, I'm Kayley.  Mum to two little foodies!  Harry is 3 years old and Megan is 10 months old.  When Harry was born, the big transitions in his life seemed terrifying.  Learning to crawl, talk, potty training, weaning, they were all overwhelming concepts.  When the time came to wean I did some research and decided that baby led weaning was the route we would take.  I had it all planned out but, when the time came, Harry had different ideas!

He was a hungry little thing and, although he loved feeding himself, would become frustrated when he couldn't get the food in his mouth as fast as he'd like.  We started spoonfeeding wet foods like yoghurt and weetabix, which made him a lot happier.


When I started weaning, I joined several baby led weaning groups on Facebook.  When I admitted to spoonfeeding some foods I received a lot of criticism and was even told that I was 'damaging my child' by the weaning choices I made.  As a first time mum I felt awful, like I was failing, all because of some strangers on the internet!

What we were doing worked for us so I decided to make my own Facebook community with one rule: No judgement.  It really helped to build my confidence with weaning and I quickly started to enjoy spending time in the kitchen and cooking for my son.  I loved finding little ways to make his food fun or sneak in extra vegetables in and started a blog to share my ideas.

I quickly learned that fitting into one weaning category isn't important.  Doing what's right for you and your baby is what's important.  I also learned that you don't get a medal at the end, however you wean.  It's ok to take shortcuts, it's ok for every meal not to be perfect and it's ok to give treats sometimes.

By the time Megan started weaning I was much more relaxed and ready to just follow her lead. She was a natural 'baby led weaner'   I proudly use shortcuts like frozen veg, frozen mashed potato and ready made baby foods like Baby Led Spreads.  They make it so much easier when I need a meal for the children fast and it's nice to know that there are brands I can trust out there.  I love Baby Led Spreads as a healthy option on toast, over pasta or as a dipper for veg sticks and pitta bread.

The most important piece of advice I could give any parent about to start their weaning journey is to trust your instincts and ignore the background noise.  Don't be afraid to use things that make your life easier and try to enjoy the ride.  It really can be a fun one.


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