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New products at BabyLed!!

Wow, what a start to the BabyLed Food business!! Over 10,000 jars sold online since we launched last year and now with 21 local stockists (some further afield!) selling our mixed packs, we are growing fast!


2018 also saw the birth of my gorgeous little boy Soren, of whom I’m sure you’ll be finding out a lot more throughout his own weaning journey! In fact, much as with his older sister Eden, it has been his arrival that has provoked me to develop some new food products for our range. Whilst BabyLed Spreads have captured the imagination of many so far, encouraging parents and babies alike to explore new tastes and textures without relying on pre-made pouches or re-heated purees, I already know that Soren (at <6 months) is mad keen to grab and try food of any kind! It’s his infectious enthusiasm that has led us to start weaning early, to let him taste some cooked whole vegetables (thoroughly supervised!) as he is sitting unsupported now and wants to join in at the table.


One of the main aims of the BabyLed Food business is to encourage babies/toddlers to feed themselves so it was a natural step for us to develop the Pure Veg range. Each pouch contains a mixture of prepared vegetables, all of which are perfectly sized for Soren to grab and play with (at least initially!). He’ll soon learn to chew and taste, developing his own preferences, which is exactly what I want to see 😊.


I wanted to develop a new range that makes life easier for time-starved parents as I know it is often difficult to combine cooking and staying active with your child, which means many often resort to the simplicity of a baby food pouch. There’s always a time and a place for those sorts of things, believe me, but I hope that the simplicity of our Pure Veg range makes it easier for baby to learn and love the joys of food when out-and-about, rather than being spoon-fed.


I’ll be trying out our new products on Soren as the weeks go on and will post on Facebook – I think he’ll chew through the pouch before I can open them!!


Hope everyone has a wonderful 2019!

Keith x

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