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Benefits of Babyled Spreads!

BabyLed Spreads are a great accompaniment to your baby's diet and introduce a wide variety of nutrients through the early weaning stages. They provide an abundance of new tastes/ textures that can help movement onto solid food with a minimum of fuss.

There are many benefits that surround baby-led weaning such as…

  • They give babies the chance to explore foods for themselves. It means they can cope with different food tastes and textures from the beginning of weaning (Cameron et al 2012b).
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and chewing ability when babies feed themselves.
  • More likely to join in with family mealtimes.
  • Exposes baby to a wider range of family foods early on.
  • Encourages babies to choose healthier foods, which could protect against obesity in childhood (Townsend and Pitchford 2011).
  • Saves preparation time as less time is spent preparing lunches and other quick meals.

There are endless statistics that prove baby-led weaning is a success! Our wide range of weaning spreads provide your baby with a tasty complement to all kinds of finger food and they make sure your little one gets a wide range of nutrients through the baby-led weaning process.

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