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Baby-led weaning and how to eat out

If you enjoy eating out as a family, baby-led weaning is perfect. The best bonus of all, you get to eat your food while it is still warm. Many people worry about how they will be able to heat up their baby's food but, practicing baby-led weaning will make you feel so much more relaxed about the whole experience. Gone are the days of worrying will the restaurant be able to heat it? Will the server get annoyed with us asking for too much help?

If you want to encourage your child to eat a healthy diet and avoid the often unhealthy children's menus, BabyLed Weaning Spreads can be a great product to have in your changing bag. Most restaurants will have something on the menu which is perfect for use with the BabyLed Weaning Spreads. The best options are usually the starters and side orders, which are perfect for smaller appetites. The most popular dishes which work well with our spreads are fresh vegetable sticks, pitta breads, chicken strips, bread sticks or even a jacket potato. The spreads will broaden your baby's taste buds and if they have a favourite flavour they can be a great way to encourage them to try something new. This age is the perfect time to encourage them to try new foods and avoid fussy eating habits in the future.

The best way to enjoy a relaxing meal is to lay out a variety of colourful foods for them to try. If you plan on eating a few courses then ask for your child's to arrive with the starters, they will probably still be attempting theirs by the time you are on to your mains. They will be so excited about the new food and concentrating on picking it up, that you will have time to eat your own. If you are worried, bring along a few of their favourite toys or colouring crayons as a back up option.

Our final tip, don't forget the baby wipes! No doubt your little bundle will find all the hidden places to hide and smear their food around themselves and anything within arms reach.

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